(What's really important to us)

Our Values


This is expressing our heart of love to God, both because of who He is, and what He’s done for us. We worship in a number of different ways, including giving our lives to serve others. One of the ways we worship when we gather together is by singing songs that express our heart toward God. This is more than just singing — it is connecting with God in a life-changing way.

Being "real"

No pretense, no hype, no flash. Just being who we are — real people dealing with real stuff in a real world, with the help of a real God.


There’s a two-fold aspect to this one. First is our relationship with God. We believe that God really wants us to know him. He wants to be our friend. The other aspect of this is relationship with others. As a family, we get to know one another, as we help each other grow and become like Jesus.

The Bible

What can we say? This book contains answers to the issues of life. Have you read it lately? It’s from God, it’s real, it’s relevant, it’s exciting and it’s true.


This just means doing the things Jesus taught us to do — praying for the sick, taking care of the poor, teaching others about Jesus — things like that. And it’s not just for a “reserved few.” We can all learn to “do the stuff.” 


We’re only part of the church. We recognize that there are more people who love Jesus than just those at the Vineyard. We say “Yes!” to what He’s doing in the whole church.


Jesus came to give us LIFE. We believe that he enjoyed life and so should we. Each of us is put here for a purpose. Let’s have fun doing what he put us here to do.


It doesn’t make any difference to us where you’ve come from, or who you are, or what kind of “stuff” you’re dealing with; you are important to us, and we’d really like to have the chance to get to know you better.

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